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How it Works

At CrowdHydrology, we’ll be the first to admit that we’re not the first to use ‘crowdsourcing’ to gather data. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for people to send us data—no special apps or technologies should be necessary.

No SmartPhones Required

There’s a simple, 5-step process to send the water level data to the CrowdHydrology database.

  1. Read the stream stage off of the gaging staff at any of the CrowdHydrology gaging station
  2. Text the station number and the stream stage to the phone number listed on the gage.
  3. Stream stage is then added to our database and is published for public use on the CrowdHydrology web page.
  4. Researchers, students, outdoors people, resource managers, etc. can then use these data free of charge.

Pat yourself on the back because you’re now a citizen scientist, and we could not have done this without your help! Thank you!

How to Install your own CrowdHydrology Gage

1. Identify a location along the stream or lake you are interested in monitoring that has safe access.  This could be along a trail or at a boardwalk.

2.  Send the CrowdHydrology Staff a message through the contact page with the following information:  a)Name of the Stream,  b)Latitude and Longitude of proposed site, c)Logos of any partner organizations, d) Contact information for group installing the gage

3.  The CrowdHydrology Staff will then send you a digital file containing the signs with your groups logos on them.  We will also add the station to the web page.

4.  Installing the gage typically takes about an hour and you can learn more from our Installation Guide provided here: CrowdHydrology Installation Guide

5.  Once the CrowdHydrology gage is installed all you need to do is start sending in observations of water levels and encourage others in the area to do the same.