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Christopher S. Lowry

chris lowry university at buffalo hydrology groundwaterDr. Christopher S. Lowry is a co-founder of CrowdHydrology and an Assistant Professor of the University at Buffalo Department of Geology. Dr. Lowry is passionate about collecting hydrogeological data, as well as CrowdHydrology’s practice of using ‘crowdsourcing’ to gather it. He freely admits that CrowdHydrology is not the first organization to collect data using this methodology, and likes to refer people to Wildlife Crossing, an organization in California that is using the ‘crowdsourcing’ methodology as a way of identifying and reporting roadkill.

As the primary evangelist and contact for CrowdHydrology, Dr. Lowry’s goal is to continue to push the boundaries of data collection through creative uses of technology. “My research focuses on quantifying the controls on groundwater flow in wetland ecosystems and how groundwater interacts with both surface water as well as vegetation. This work uses a range of tools to better understand how groundwater moves through the subsurface. These tools include monitoring wells, seepage meters, stream gaging, soil cores, near surface geophysical methods, and numerical modeling. I also have a particular interest in distributed sensing using temperature as a groundwater tracer.”


Ph.D., Geology (Hydrogeology), University of Wisconsin-Madison – 2008


Department of Geology
University at Buffalo
411 Cooke Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
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